Static Keyword:

In this Article,I will explain how to use Static Keyword in PHP5.
  • To implement static keyword functionality to the attributes or the methods will have to be prefix with static keyword.
  • Static properties or methods can be accessible without needing an instantiation of the class.
  • A property declared as static can not be accessed with an instantiated class object.
  • $this is not available inside the method declared as static.
  • Static properties cannot be accessed using the arrow operator ->. 
  • Static properties can be accessed using the Scope Resolution Operator (::) operator.
                                                  ClassName::$staticvar= $value;


class Box
   static private $color;  

   function __construct($value)
if($value != "")
Box::$color = $value; 

   public function  getColor ()
echo Box::$color;

$a = new Box("RED");
$a = new Box("GREEN");
$a = new Box("");