Regular expression Basics in php:
In this article ,i will show how to use regular expressions in php.

 \char escape char

  .            Any single character

 [chars]       One of following chars

 [^chars]      None of following chars

 text1|text2   text1 or text2

 ? 0 or 1 of the preceding text

 * 0 or N of the preceding text  (hungry)

 + 1 or N of the preceding text

 Example: (.+)\.html? matches test.htm and test.html

 (text)  Grouping of text

 Example:  ^(.*)\.html foo.php?bar=$1

  ^    Start of line anchor

  $    End   of line anchor

 Example: ^test(.*) matches test and test1 but not ttest
  (.*)1$ matches a1 and b1, but not test