Javascript Clock with timer-A countdown clock.

JavaScript Clock timer and alarm script.
In this section, I have written Simple javascript program to create clock with timing is very easy to install Clock written in Javascript to put into your page.This script displays the live time in your HTML Page.I think every person displays clock with timer on his website.. so creating website with a countdown clock timer is very easy.
please check below javascript code:

Example: Javascript program to create clock with a timimg event?
<title>Javascript Clock with timer-A countdown clock.</title>
<script language="JavaScript">
function showClickTime(){
    var Digital=new Date()
  var hours=Digital.getHours()
  var minutes=Digital.getMinutes()
  var seconds=Digital.getSeconds()
  var clockd="AM" 

  if (hours>12){
  if (hours==0)
  if (minutes<=9)
  if (seconds<=9)
   var clocktime=hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds+" "+clockd
   clockSpan.innerHTML="<b style='font-size:12;color:blue;'>"+clocktime+"</b>"
<span id=clockSpan>