Difference between BOOL BIT and TINYINT in MySQL?


BOOL is used to store Boolean values (0 and 1)
0 being false and 1 being true.


- A TINYINT is an 8-bit integer value
- A very small integer value. (range is -128 to 127) and  unsigned range is 0 to 255 occupies 1 byte.


- A BIT field can store between 1 to 64 bits [ BIT(N)] (N indicates the number of bits per value, from 1 to 64)
- BIT data type can be used only for binary data.
- BIT data type can store up to 8 bytes.

Prior to MySQL 5.0.3: BOOL, BIT and TINYINT are all synonyms.After MySQL 5.0.3: BIT data type can store 8 bytes of data and should be used for binary data.