Difference between HTML 4 and HTML5 

In this article, I will explain Main difference between HTML 4 and HTML5

Difference between HTML 4 and HTML5

  • HTML is the core language of the World Wide Web.
  • HTML is used to build static webpages.
  • HTML is Case-Insensitive
  • HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and XHTML.
  • HTML5 is the fifth major revision of HTML,CSS3, and JavaScript APIs
  • HTML5 introduces many new features to create apps and websites with the speed, performance.
  • HTML5 has separate conformance requirements for authors and user agents there is no longer a need for marking features "deprecated".
  • HTML5 allows for MathML and SVG elements.
  • In HTML5 no necessary to add the type attribute to your link and script tags.
  • In HTML5 there is only one declaration
  • All Major Browsers(Firefox,Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome) supports HTML5 features.

New Features are included in HTML5.

1.The <video> and <audio> element.
3.The <canvas>element for 2D Drawing.
4.New Form controls like Calendar,date,time...etc
5.Full CSS3 Support
6.Video and Audio
7.2D/3D Graphics
8.Local Storage
9.Local SQL Database
10.Web Applications

Some elements are removed from HTML5: