Mobile phone number validation regex in php - Regex for Indian Phone Numbers

In this article,I will explain how to validate Mobile phone number using regex in php.I have written simple php script using regular expression to validate all mobile phone numbers.
e.g.+910000000000,0000000000,910000000000,+91 0000000000,+91-0000000000...etc

PHP regular expressions help your application to validate Mobile Numbers,Emails,phone numbers,..etc.
The first sign (^) represents that it is the beginning of the string and  ($) represents the end of the string.

I have a function which checks to see if a Indian telephone/Mobile number is valid or not.

Example: Regular Expression Mobile Number Validation in PHP



function phoneNumbervalidation($mobile)
if(preg_match('/^((\+){0,1}91(\s){0,1}(\-){0,1}(\s){0,1})?([0-9]{10})$/', $mobile,$matches)){
return true;
return false;



I hope above example will help you to validate Indian Mobile numbers.You can refer above Regular expressions to validate international phone numbers