One to One relationship example in database(oracle, MYSQL, SQl, Ms access)

In this Article, I will explain how to create one to one relationship between two tables.In a relational database such as Mysql,SQl,Ms access,  you can create relationships between pairs of tables like.. 

One-to-one relationships in a relational database:

one-to-one relationships are bidirectional relationships.each row in one database table is linked to one and only one other row in another table.
An example of a one-to-one relationship is a Person can have only one Passport and that a Passport can belong to only one Person.
we are designing Database with a One To One Relationship between Person and Passport Table.

One to One relationship example

You may not use one-to-one relationships very usually, but you should know how to create them.

There are other types of database relationships, one to many and many to many relationships.