Weblogic interview questions and answers

In this article, I have selected Weblogic interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates.This article includes weblogic admin interview questions,weblogic server interview questions and weblogic portal interview questions and answers.

Weblogic admin interview questions and answers 

1.Class loader 
The system that loads the class files is called the classloader.

2.Startup and shutdown classes
startup classes - classs files that need to be loaded/executed while the server is booting up.
shutdown classes - weblogic server runs shutdown classes before shutting down the server.

3.There is one test.class file in lib folder and second one in some other folder, which class will be loaded?
if both directories are in the CLASSPATH both will be loaded.

4.How to search a word in zip file
using pgrep

5.What are the different activities involved in performance tuning?
6.Difference between load balance and failover?
7.What is virtual host?
8.What is eden size and perm size?
9.What is Work manager?
10.What is Weblogic shrink?
11.What is diff b/w JNDI and JDBC?
12.How to find Weblogic Version?
13.What is the use of log4j?
 14.What are the different types of drivers?

weblogic server interview questions and answers 

1.What is the Node Manager Default Behavior?
2.How will you configure Node Manager as Windows Service?
3.Explain about Weblogic server Log Message Format?
4.How many log Message Severity levels are there in Weblogic?
5.How can you specify the logging implementation in Weblogic?
6.What are the default Weblogic provided Groups for security realm?
7.What are the default Weblogic provided Roles for security realm?
8.What are the elements of the Administration console?
9.What are the Tool Bar elements in Weblogic?
10.How will you enable the Administration Console?

Weblogic portal interview questions and answers.

1.What is the difference between a website and a portal?
2.What are components of weblogic portal?
3.How to create streaming portal?
4.What is the difference between Genes and chromosomes?
5.What is the difference between skin and skeleton?
6.What is shell?
7.Difference types of portlets?
8.portlet states Types?
9.What is the difference between URL instance and URLConnection instance? 
10.What are the features of portal?
11.What is backing file?
 12.What are portlet modes?